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Built in 1727, Marblehead’s Old Town House provided a space for many of Massachusetts’s earliest revolutionaries, such as Elbridge Gerry and John Glover, to debate the virtues of American independence from Great Britain.

Located north of Boston, Marblehead began as a small fishing village. The fishermen from Marblehead played a major role in the American Revolution, and they formed the earliest units of the U.S. Navy.

Originally, Marblehead residents used the first floor as a market and held their town meetings on the second floor. Now, the first floor serves as the home of the Marblehead Police Museum, but residents continue to use the second story for their town meetings.

During the nation’s bicentennial celebration in 1976, the Department of the Interior and the National Parks Service added the building to the National Register of History Places.

You will enjoy the attention to detail and subtle grasp of communal  spaces in each print,  making  these landmarks and their history a warm part of your home or office.  Each Panoramic Graphics edition print features artisanal inks on high quality lithographic paper and is authenticated by the Rich Ahern estate.   Grow your art collection or give as a gift.

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