Princeton Canon Green Lithograph Print


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After the Battle of Princeton during the American Revolution, evacuating British soldiers left behind one of their cannon, which Princeton students buried in its current location in Cannon Green in 1840. Cannon Green has become a traditional gathering place for Princeton students, especially after football victories over Harvard and Yale.

In 1746, New Light Presbyterians felt inspired by the Great Awakening and created the College of New Jersey to train its ministers, which its leaders soon renamed Princeton University. Under the guidance of John Witherspoon, Princeton became one of the first religious colleges to secularize its curriculum, tighten standards, and increase funding. He pursued these goals with the purpose of training a new generation of American statesmen and civic leaders. Currently, Princeton boasts leading programs in numerous academic disciplines while maintaining ties with the Princeton Theological Seminary.

Encompassing 500 acres, Princeton University’s campus provides its students with beautiful buildings and landscape. Located an hour from both Philadelphia and New York, Princeton’s campus features buildings of Gothic and Romanesque architecture. To the south, students can enjoy Lake Carnegie.

You will enjoy the attention to detail and subtle grasp of communal  spaces in each print,  making  these landmarks and their history a warm part of your home or office.  Each Panoramic Graphics edition print features artisanal inks on high quality lithographic paper and is authenticated by the Rich Ahern estate.   Grow your art collection or give as a gift.

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