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Founded in 1789, the University of North Carolina offers a public education that has become renowned throughout the United States and the world. It enrolled its first students in 1795, which makes it the oldest public university in the nation.

Over the years, the University of North Carolina has expanded to include more people from different backgrounds. Originally, only white men could attend. During the Civil War, the University of North Carolina remained open. In 1931, it opened its doors to women after it consolidated with the Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina. During the 1960s, its students led major protests of local racial segregation.

Cover 729 acres in Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina has a local near Durham on the outskirts Raleigh. The campus consists of two central quads, Polk Place and McCorkle Place. In 1999, the American Society of Landscape Architects awarded the University of North Carolina and fifteen other schools with its Medallion Awards. On campus, students stroll past numerous historic features, such as Old Well, a small rotunda in the Temple of Love situated in the Gardens of Versailles.

You will enjoy the attention to detail and subtle grasp of communal  spaces in each print,  making  these landmarks and their history a warm part of your home or office.  Each Panoramic Graphics edition print features artisanal inks on high quality lithographic paper and is authenticated by the Rich Ahern estate.   Grow your art collection or give as a gift.

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